Monday, December 04, 2006

Gorintaku (Andhra style mehendi)

This is not the instant mehendi made with henna powder. This is the real deal bayybeee! It's made from the freshly plucked leaves of henna shrub. These leaves travelled all the way from a freiend's backyard in Guntur(AP) to my home in Bangalore to paint my hands red :) yay! I just love the color that it imparts, it's quite different from the one you get with the henna powder. Anything fresh is always different and pleasant isn't it?

The design is a traditional one, just a big dot in the center of the palm and finger caps. I added a few more dots on the back...just for kicks :). Guess who helped me apply on the right hand? Hubby!!! he he. It was fun and romantic in a way.

I was googling to see if there is any proven therapeutic effects of henna, but couldn't find any :(. Let me know if you know of something.

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